About Us​

At Mowing Works, we specialize in servicing HOA communities as well as vacant lot cleaning and maintenance. With our experience and expertise in working alongside property managers and HOA boards, we guarantee a hassle-free and speedy transformation of the way you view your landscaping needs. We understand every property is different and that's why we offer flexible, tailor-fit solutions to fit your property needs and budget. Daily, semi-weekly, bi-weekly, one-time cleanup or otherwise, we work with you to keep your residents happy and property pristine.

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"I was truly satisfied with the work that was done for me by Mowing Works.  I have people stop and ask me who did the work on my yard.  I would definitely give them a call when needed again.  Very respectful.  Great Job."

"I have had Mowing Works come and do two different landscape jobs for me. I was impressed with Bernardo's knowledge of landscaping, his innovative equipment, his dedicated work crews, and his punctuality for arriving on the job and for coming to give estimates. I appreciate his company's motto that the job is never finished until the customer is completely satisfied! I would highly recommend Bernardo for any landscaping projects. His warm personality makes him a joy to work with."

About Our Employees

At Mowing Works, we have an adamant philosophy that workers who are treated right will work better. The front lines of our work, the hands of the company, are workers who enjoy working for Mowing Works and have been with us for years. Keeping a low turnover enables us to employ fewer employees, each with high skill levels, while achieving the same output as much larger landscape companies. Workers are paid a fair wage, higher than the state minimum wage. They are never yelled at or mistreated.  What does this mean for YOU? It means Mowing Works doesn't have to raise our prices to cover for ineffcient workers, high turnover costs, or avoidable and costly accidents on the job. In short, it saves YOU money.

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