Landscape Management

If you’re searching for a Phoenix landscaping management service, you probably already have some idea of how you’d like your property or properties to look. Landscaping has a large impact on how people perceive its surrounding buildings.

Mowing Works is a local company that takes pride in helping property owners or residents enjoy their property as much as possible by keeping everything pristine and well managed. While there are many choices for Phoenix landscape services, not everyone takes the same amount of effort at making sure everything is exactly how you want it.

Pathway in Park
Pathway in Park

Irrigation in Park
Irrigation in Park

Park and Playground
Park and Playground

Pathway in Park
Pathway in Park

Benefits of Quality Landscape Management

All properties are a little different. No matter how large or small an area you possess, there are many factors that determine how well maintained it is. For one thing, a well-maintained area looks great and helps those live or work there to take more pride in the home, apartment or office. There are also many other advantages to keeping your property well maintained.

  • Increases the value of your property. Paying for landscape management is actually an investment in the value of your proterty. If you ever decide to sell, prospective buyers will be impressed by the appearance of a well-maintained yard and grounds. This can significantly add to your real estate’s monetary value.

  • A healthier environment. When your property is well maintained, you’re less likely to have issues caused by allergies. It also helps keep pests and potentially dangerous critters away.

  • Benefits of planting trees and shrubs. In addition to adding aesthetic value, planting trees, shrubs and plants in strategic places provides you with benefits such as privacy and more shaded areas. One well-placed tree, for example, can cut down on your summer air conditioning bills. Plants and trees can even cut down on sounds coming from the street, such as traffic.

  • Landscaping can also improve social life. If you or your tenants enjoy having barbecues or outdoor parties, we can help you create landscaping that makes you and your guests more comfortable. You may need to clear a certain area in your yard to create a space suitable for entertaining. Guests will also appreciate the well-maintained yard and enjoy visiting or the event.

  • Maintaining HOA standards. Every HOA has certain requirements for maintaining properties. If you need HOA landscaping maintenance AZ, we can keep properties up to standard

Commercial Landscaping

In addition to serving the needs of individual homeowners, Mowing Works can help commercial properties looking great. We understand that the way your landscaping appears can have a huge impact on your business.

  • Apartment houses. If you own an apartment house, landscaping is crucial for attracting new tenants and keeping your current tenants happy with the way everything looks.

  • Hotels, resorts and other vacation rentals. Phoenix landscaping services are essential for keeping hotels and resorts looking pristine for guests.

  • Malls, office parks and commercial buildings. If you have a property that's rented out to retail stores or professionals, you want everything to look clean and well-manicured.

No matter what kind of commercial property you own or are responsible for, you want a landscaping service that you can count on. We’re experienced and efficient about keeping your properties looking their best for tenants, guests and customers.

Let Us Serve All of Your Landscaping Needs

At Mowing Works, we understand that there are many aspects to Phoenix grounds maintenance. We focus on areas such as green turf, trimming bushes, manicuring trees and weed maintenance. We don’t believe in charging extra for tree maintenance, including palm trees.

Whether you're an individual homeowner, the owner of a commercial property or a property manager, Mowing Works is eager to serve all of your Phoenix landscape management needs. We treat every property with the same care that we'd give to our own home. We carefully consider the individual needs of each property.

You may want to maintain the current appearance of your property or you may want to make additions or improvements. Either way, we will come up with a plan to bring out the very best in your property or properties. We’re always conscientious about taking the best possible care of your property. If plants die, we replace them at cost. If it’s part of your landscape, we maintain it. It’s as simple as that.